What is Vaginal discharge?


What is Vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is a fluid made by glands inside the vagina and cervix

Keep vagina – clean, moist, lubricated prevents vaginal infection, Maintains Ph balance

Vaginal Discharge is totally normal.

Normal discharge is clean, watery and no odour. At the time of ovulation vaginal discharge is egg white form.

Women produce a teaspoon of vaginal discharge every day.  At the time of ovulation this increases 30 times.

Its sudden increase in amount foul smell, itchiness, pain in vaginal area, rashes sores /sores/blisters, pain when passing urine bleeding, blood-stained discharge, pain in pelvic area then immediately consult to your doctor,

What are the different types of Vaginal discharge?

1.            Milky with no odour: normal;

2.            Thick white clumpy

3.            Cheesy, itchy Elis chary: Vaginal Yeast/ fungal infection

4.            Yellowish, greyish discharge with strong, foul fishy order – bacterial vaginosis or BV

5.            Yellowish, green, frothy, discharge with pain, inflame maintain – trichomoniasis

6.            Cloudy, yellowish discharge painful & itchy blisters sores genital herpes.

7.            Brownish or blood-stained discharge cancerous growth in the genital tract.

8.            Rare causes of vaginal discharge retained tampon IUD infection ruptured Bartholin abscess.

Tips of maintain vaginal discharge

  1. Clean the vaginal area only once a day
  2. Avoid repeated dabbing
  3. Avoid perfumes, deodorants, sprays or feminine washes 
  4. Maintain good sexual hygiene
  5. Use breathable cotton undergarments
  6. In case of repeated infection check your blood sugar.
  7. Add probiotics.
  8. Seek medical help at the earliest.

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